Hi I'm Carolyn :)

Ummmm it's 7.46am as I'm typing this so I cba to say many things rn, but all you need to know is that I'm a Gooner and I like food. I'm saying this because I haven't eaten in a while.

I'll talk properly when I've gotten sleep.

We gave everything, our attitude was fantastic, we had the chances to win. Of course the chances [of winning the title, now] are minimum. I am very disappointed, we had the opportunities to win the game. I don’t compare [this season] to last year, we were much closer this year but this past week we could have taken 9 points and we have taken two. if you look at the way we drop points it makes it even more frustrating… [but] we do not have to change our way.

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Goddamn Arsenal.

So that’s the league I guess.

Third fucking place now.

And this is the what time we’ve thrown away a lead now?

Ugh, let me go eat my feelings. 



Happy double birthday to our pole goalies <3 This year they’ve played a HUGE role in our upcoming as a team, our clean sheets and the 15 unbeaten run (: I wish Bambi a fast recovery cause I miss him so much. Congrats to Woj on his return and perfect saving today <3 And no.1 for next year on a brand new non-pink jersey (:

love you poles <33

here’s to hoping they share more birthdays with us here at Arsenal

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Whistle should’ve been blown immediately after free kick was cleared.

This this this x100000000.





askljdaskldj I wasn’t before but I am now, but it’s 4am where you are, I think and you’re off to NY in a few hours? ;______;

We will talk soon Ally <3333 Have the most lovely time in NY 


Verma in ‘71 retro away kits - werk it, Verminator

** pic credit to @KeithTheGooner


past and present no.10 <3

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We [ex players] support Arsene Wenger in everything he does because we’ve worked for him and know him to be an outstanding manager.

Martin Keown. (via allyinthespring)
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